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Since 1993, I've been writing and drawing my own independent comics, such as The Tethermen, Black Belt, and the Ignatz Award nominated Underground: Souvenir. I've also done a number of work-for-hire projects including, Hoax Hunters (Image), The Adventures of Adam West, Logan’s Run, Warlock, Fame: David Beckham (Blue Water), SPX Anthology (Small Press Expo), and Puerto Rico Strong (Lions Forge).

Recently, I've created the Comic Strip Teased website as a showcase for experimental comic strips, and as a collaboration with other cartoonists. www.comicstripteased.com

Books available for purchase (click below)


Self-Published Creator-Owned Work:

  • Comic Strip Teased: Season One
  • The Black Belt
  • The Tethermen
  • Submersive
  • Falcon 5
  • Red Ice
  • Star City
  • Underground: Marquis
    Published in the 2004 SPX Anthology
  • Underground: Souvenir
    Nominated for a 2004 IGNATZ Award
  • Underground: Eventually a Memory
    Featured in Dark Horse Comics' "Strip Search"
  • The Rings
  • The Lodge
  • Damian Knight

Published Work-for-hire:

  • Puerto Rico Strong (Interior art)
  • Hoax Hunters (Interior pin-up)
  • Tales of the Kalemon (Interior pin-up)
  • Fame: David Beckham (Cover)
  • The Misadventures of Adam West (Covers)
  • Logan's Run (Covers)
  • Femal Force: Stephenie Meyers (Cover & Interior art)
  • Lionsgate's Warlock (Covers)
  • Vincent Price Presents (Interior art)
  • Unit Primes: Salvaged (Cover)




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