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Since 1993, I've been writing and drawing my own independent comics, such as The Tethermen, Black Belt, and the Ignatz Award nominated Underground: Souvenir. I've also done a number of small projects for other publishers including, The Adventures of Adam West, Logan’s Run, Warlock, Fame: David Beckham (Blue Water), Hoax Hunters (Image), SPX Anthology (Small Press Expo), and the Eisner Award winning Puerto Rico Strong (Lions Forge).

Recently I've created the web series, Comic Strip Teased, as a showcase for experimental comic strips, and as a collaboration with other cartoonists. www.comicstripteased.com

Books available for purchase (click below)


Self-Published / Creator-Owned Work:

  • Comic Strip Teased: Season One
  • The Black Belt
  • The Tethermen
  • Submersive
  • Falcon 5
  • Red Ice
  • Star City
  • - Underground: Marquis
    Published in the 2004 SPX Anthology
  • Underground: Souvenir
    - Nominated for a 2004 IGNATZ Award
  • Underground: Eventually a Memory
    - Featured in Dark Horse Comics' "Strip Search"
  • The Rings
  • The Lodge
  • Damian Knight

Published / Work-for-hire:

  • Puerto Rico Strong (Interior art)
    - Eisner Award Winner for Best Anthology
  • Hoax Hunters (Interior pin-up)
  • Tales of the Kalemon (Interior pin-up)
  • Fame: David Beckham (Cover)
  • The Misadventures of Adam West (Covers)
  • Logan's Run (Covers)
  • Femal Force: Stephenie Meyers (Cover & Interior art)
  • Lionsgate's Warlock (Covers)
  • Vincent Price Presents (Interior art)
  • Unit Primes: Salvaged (Cover)




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