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The Black Belt #1
The Black Belt is the story of an astronaut who's been all alone on a solo mission in the black of space for the last 12 years... His daily struggle is to keep his focus on the mission, while dealing with memories of his past and the ever-judging eye of Jupiter. His mission was to explore the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, but things change when he encounters an anomaly on the dwarf planet Ceres.

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The Tethermen & The Kings of Stone #1
Different from a standard comic, this is printed as a series of 6"x9"cards that can be read as separate "pages" or pieced together like a puzzle to form a giant poster-sized comic!

The story of the Tethermen is about a small group of "Tethers" who can travel through the dreams of others and effect the real world through those dreams. But, there is a darkness coming that is trying to rule over the dreamscape... Our only hope is in the hands of a young boy.

On the back of these cards is a separate set of stories called, "The Kings of Stone." These are short one-page tales that blur the lines between fact and fiction to tell adventurous stories centered around the drawings of ancient statues from around the world.

Holding these cards together are individually hand-stamped sleeves.

Tethermen_Cover Tethermen_Cards Tethermen_Stamps KingsStones_Cards

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Since 1993, I've been writing and drawing my own self-published comics. These "graphic-movies" explore a variety of themes from obsession to betrayal. The idea was to create a series of work that felt more like the viewer was watching a movie than reading a comic. Think of these as the first 15 minutes of a Bond movie or an episode of the Twilight Zone.

I've also done some assorted covers, interior art and pin-ups for Bluewater Comics, Transfuzion Comics and Image Comics.

Published Work-for-hire:

  • Hoax Hunters (Interior pin-up)
  • Tales of the Kalemon (Interior pin-up)
  • Fame: David Beckham (Cover)
  • The Misadventures of Adam West (Covers)
  • Logan's Run (Covers)
  • Femal Force: Stephenie Meyers (Cover & Interior art)
  • Lionsgate's Warlock (Covers)
  • Vincent Price Presents (Interior art)
  • Unit Primes: Salvaged (Cover)

Self-Published Creator-Owned Work:

  • The Black Belt
  • The Tethermen
  • Submersive
  • Falcon 5
  • Red Ice
  • Star City (created with Jim Droese)
  • Underground: Marquis
    Published in the 2004 SPX Anthology
  • Underground: Souvenir
    Nominated for a 2004 IGNATZ Award
  • Underground: Eventually a Memory
    Featured in Dark Horse Comics' "Strip Search"
  • The Rings
  • The Lodge
  • Damian Knight (created with Dave Powers)




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